Micro-Weddings + Minimonies: The best wedding trend of 2020!

Did you hear that? That shriek off in the distance was us celebrating the end of 2020! While we definitely won’t miss the rollercoaster that 2020 was, we are glad to be bringing the magic of micro weddings through to 2021! Micro-weddings and minimonies are chicer than ever as guests lists shrink and intimate details […]

January 20, 2021

Let’s make some Blueberry mini pies ice-cream sandwiches! Full Recipe

COVID-19 has us loving our kitchen ( I’m sure you can relate) and cooking is something that during the busy months we don’t get to do a lot. I should maybe say we do cook, but not the most elaborate meals when we are on the go.   SO! we are taking this time to […]

April 5, 2020

Dream Boho wedding At Playa Largo Resort | Playa Largo, Florida wedding

Today, We are remembering the last wedding we had before COVID-19 took over and social distancing started. This was the end of 9 weddings in the span of 15 days. WILD.  We drove down to Key Largo, Florida , a good 5 hours away and the first wedding we’ve done that wasn’t so close to […]

April 3, 2020

Tips and tricks for Flat Lays

Geez! It was about time I started to blog! I made blogging my 2017 business goal and here we are, the end of 2019. 😉 Better late than never right? I mean better when it’s the right time for you than to do a half butt job, jeje. This week I did some “market research” […]

September 19, 2019