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January 26, 2024

Carly + Dartan: A Rosemary Beach Wedding

Rosemary Beach, located along the scenic 30A highway on Florida’s Gulf Coast, is a charming beach town providing a dreamy wedding backdrop.  It has pretty white sand beaches, emerald-green waters, and architecture inspired by New Orleans’ French Quarter, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for exchanging vows.  AM+Co is no stranger to this beautiful destination for weddings, and we were honored when Carly and Dartan asked us to be a part of their most special day!

The Eastern Green

Rosemary Beach has a Western Green and an Eastern Green, both of which are lush green spaces located right on the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by gorgeous homes, restaurants, and boutique shops. These green areas are great for couples looking for a beach feel without the sand!  A few months ago, we did Julia and Keegan’s black and white wedding on the Western Green.  Carly and Dartan’s wedding was held across town on the Eastern Green, and it was black and white too.   I find that crisp white and sleek black contrast so beautifully with the green lawn and blue ocean.   

The Welcome Sign

We created a white welcome sign to greet guests as they entered the ceremony space.  Black lettering contrasted elegant custom calligraphy with whimsical squiggles surrounding the message: we’re so glad you’re here.  The black flower box at the bottom held a cascade of dainty baby’s breath.

White wedding welcome sign

Your Biggest (Program) Fan

The weekend of Carly and Darvin’s wedding was so dang hot, so a program that doubled as a fan was a godsend on a blazing day!  This program was double-sided.  The whimsical front side had their wedding date, their last name in calligraphy, and a squiggle design.  The back side served as a program, with the order of events, wedding party members, and bride and groom’s parents. I 10 out of 10 recommend fan programs for an outdoor summer wedding!  

Wedding program fan

Linen Memorial Banners

Memorializing family members who are no longer with us is a meaningful way for brides and grooms to honor and include their loved ones on their wedding day.  These allow couples to pay tribute to those who are no longer physically present but remain deeply cherished in their hearts. Thoughtful touches like this celebrate legacy and offer a way for couples to honor the memory of those who have shaped their lives.  We have helped many couples with creative tributes, such as the memorial linens that Carly and Dartan commissioned us to make in honor of several family members.  The linens were draped over seats in the ceremony space and said:

We see you in every sunrise, sunset, 

and within all the stars

You’re watching from the best seat in the house

Still wish you were here

linen memorial banner

linen memorial banners

The family member’s name and relationship to the bride and groom were listed underneath. We offer a similar memorial banner in our shop, which you can customize with your family member’s name and date of passing. 

A Memorial Bar Sign

Carly wanted to further pay her respects to her grandfather, Melvin. So for her bar sign, we wrote “Melvin’s Bar” across one panel of this two-panel sign.  The other panel held a hand-drawn image of a glass of wine with his favorite drink, white zinfandel.  

bar sign with memorial

The Seating Chart

The seating chart was massive, measuring 12 feet by 8 feet.  The off-white center panel held a gold sconce shining over the words: our favorite people in the world.  Then, we layered a white arch on top, which held the seating assignments.  A black champagne wall flanked each side of the center panel, where guests could grab a flute in celebration while finding their seats.  White baby’s breath filled a flower box at the bottom, and a long swag of florals lined the top. 

Seating Chart

Table Numbers

We used our pearl and black table numbers on the tables, which are a part of our rental collection and are available only for weddings that we deliver.  The contrast of the dark table numbers against the clean, white linens lent itself to a classic and modern feel.  

Rosemary Beach: A Captivating Setting

Carly and Dartan’s Rosemary Beach wedding was a romantic affair that blended a garden party with coastal vibes in a captivating setting.  We were so honored to be a part of their lovely day, and wish them a lifetime of happiness together!  

If you’re planning a wedding in Rosemary Beach (or anywhere in Florida), we’d love to talk about how AM+Co can help bring your dream day to life with day-of items, signage, and custom invitations.  Contact us, and let’s chat!

Love, Andi, Tyler & Stella

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