December 6, 2023

George + Philippa: Embossed Custom Wedding Invites

Planning a dream wedding is no small feat, and for George and Philippa, the team at Andi Mejia + Co meticulously and thoughtfully designed and executed each piece to create some significant “wow” moments. We spared no effort in crafting every detail to perfection, aiming to create awe-inspiring moments throughout the celebration.  And this couple’s involvement in the racing world made the personal touches that nodded to IndyCar racing even more special!  

From the initial embossed custom wedding invites that set the tone to the innovative seating chart structure and the engaging interactive cocktail hour wall, each element was curated with precision to ensure a truly memorable experience for the couple and their guests. In part 1 of our blog on George and Philippa’s special day, we’ll focus on their custom invitations, exploring the artistry and personal touches that make our suites truly magical. Stay tuned for the second part, where we’ll reveal the day-of items that added an extra layer of elegance (and fun) to their celebration. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s go!  

Opening The Envelope

The wedding was themed around an organic and natural color palette of beige, tan, champagne and black.  We chose a black envelope with a muted custom illustration of their venue, The Vinoy Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida, on the liner.  This venue illustration was used in a few other places on the wedding day, which is one of the benefits of an AM+Co branded wedding.  When clients entrust the branding of their wedding to us, it allows us to create an intentional, custom experience. This makes a seamless experience from start to finish, with no detail overlooked!  Each element calls to another, bringing an overall cohesive, branded look to your wedding day.

Black wedding invitation envelope with custom illustration

The Pocket

The act of receiving and opening the invitation should be an experience for your guests from the moment they open their mailbox.  This invitation was enclosed in a custom pocket that was embossed with the couple’s monogram and stripes (you’ll see that again in the blog about the day-of items).  The pocket had a squiggle (my fav!) cut-out to make removing the contents easier.  

Embossed pocket invites

Two Distinct Invitations

George and Philippa had a sizable guest list of 200 but limited ceremony space.  We helped them navigate this challenge by creating two distinct invitation versions. The first catered to a smaller list of people invited to the ceremony and reception.  The second set was designed for a more extensive list of those joining exclusively for the reception.

Custom wedding invitation suite in black and cream


The suite included a circular black details card, blind debossed with white foil.  The RSVP card was digitally printed in a cream-colored square shape.  The entire suite was bound with black thread looped through an embossed embellishment with their monogram – absolute perfection!

The Main Invite Card

Breaking away from the norm, we opted for a unique embossed technique on their invitations, using black paper with white foil for the main card.

debossed wedding invitation with white foil

The couple’s names were embossed, creating a visually stunning effect with raised black-on-black detailing, evoking a sophisticated aesthetic. 

black debossed and embossed wedding invitation with white foil print

The Starting Line

These invitations were the perfect starting line for George and Philippa’s race to their wedding day!  Stay tuned for part two to see their day-of items, and how we carried many of the details from these invites through to the details of their wedding and reception.

If you’re revving up your engines in planning for your own wedding, reach out – we’d love to talk about working together to create your dream wedding invites!

Andi, Tyler, & Stella


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