December 5, 2023

George + Philippa: Love in The Fast Lane

From the starting line to the altar, George and Philippa’s love has taken them on an incredible journey.  The team at Andi Mejia + Co. worked with them to help these two racing aficionados have the wedding of their dreams!  We started with their invitations in Part 1, and this blog covers their day-of items.  I genuinely believe the little details make events like these so magical!  And since both of them are a part of the IndyCar world, it felt appropriate to work in little details that call to their love of it.  Buckle up, and let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights of this special celebration!

The Welcome Signs

We created two welcome signs for their wedding at The Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida,  to serve distinct purposes. For the ceremony welcome sign, a black-pill-shaped sign placed in a pool of white rose petals exuded modern elegance. 

Wedding welcome sign that says "George and Philippa" in a pool of rose petals

The reception sign presented a monochromatic visual appeal, featuring an embossed monogram reminiscent of the invitation’s pocket with accompanying parallel latticework. 

Monochromatic monogrammed wedding welcome sign

In my experience, hotel ballroom carpet can be loud and colorful, which can compete with the color palette of the weddings held there.  I adore how the neutral canvas provided by the carpet in The Vinoy’s ballroom integrated with Philippa’s neutral color palette. Their space would coordinate with any bride’s color palette – venues, take a note from The Vinoy! 😉 

Race You To Your Seat

Racing themed seating chart for weddings

A 12-foot black wall with pill-shaped alcoves and shelving served as an innovative display for the escort cards, with the words “Race You To Your Seat” emblazoned across the top and bottom.  These were reminiscent of trading cards, and each held the guest’s name and a miniature black race car. This installation was complemented by latticework echoing the invitation’s design and elegant lighting.  It was elevated onto a platform with a floor designed by us and installed by Vivant Luxury Rentals.  

Detail seating chart photos

Fueling Up At The Drink Wall

We also helped create a beautiful piece for an interactive cocktail hour inspired by Mona’s margarita wall. A custom drink wall embellished with an awning, mirrors, and flower boxes created an engaging and fun atmosphere.  The guests could choose between two drinks: “George’s The 1925” and “Philippa’s La Dolce Vita.”  When they rang the bell above their choice, the drink was magically passed through the wall for their enjoyment.  This interactive element became a focal point of the celebration.

The Menus

Custom debossed menus with Japanese lace pockets and coordinating place cards brought an element of sophistication to the tables. The color-coded place cards indicated meal options, with some mirroring the sleek black-on-black theme of the table numbers.

The Custom Monogram and Illustrations

The monogram we designed for their invitations was sophisticated and classic, so we carried it into many details for the day. We worked it into their drink toppers and one design of their cocktail napkins, which featured the venue illustration of The Vinoy that we used on the envelope liner with their monogram below.  

Custom wedding monogram worked into details

The venue illustration was used on one panel of their two-panel bar sign, which coordinated perfectly with the other black signage we created.  

Bar menu with venue illustration

We added their pet illustration on another napkin design, which was a sweet nod to their pup.  

Pet illustration on cocktail napkins

A Victory Lap

Despite the meticulous planning and hard work, the result was a dream wedding that exceeded our expectations. From the embossed invitations to the interactive elements and personalized details, every aspect reflected the unique love story of George and Philippa.

While the journey was filled with challenges, seeing the couple’s joy made it all worthwhile. As we look back on this incredible celebration, we can’t help but feel grateful to have played a part in making their dream wedding a reality. 

We’d love to help do the same for you – reach out today, and let’s chat about your vision and how AM+Co can help make it a reality!  

Love, Andi, Tyler & Stella

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