June 29, 2023

Small Details That Go A Long Way

Here at AM+Co Creative Studio, we specialize in branding weddings from top to bottom, from when your guests open their invitations through their last spin on the dance floor on your most special day. While we love creating a moment with massive, jaw-dropping seating charts or stunning signage, our hearts beat for the magic of the small, personalized details and the power they hold in creating a truly one-of-a-kind wedding. 

In this blog, we’re sharing the tiny customized touches you can add to your day and showing examples from weddings we’ve worked on in the past. These hidden treasures weave together to bring your wedding an air of beauty and uniqueness.  The little details help brand your event and let your guests know that you put a lot of thought into the day.  These little details add up and make your day stand out!  Here are some highlights of custom detail items to add to your wedding for a big impact!

Acrylic Card Box

Our card boxes are acrylic and feature 3D letters for an elegant touch.  If we create a monogram during your invitation process, a custom card box is the perfect place to showcase it, as we did for Jackie and Alex’s wedding at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club.  

Monogram on an acrylic card box


Corn Hole Boards

We love a fun cocktail hour, and branding your cornhole boards is the way to go!  We’ve done corn hole boards in watercolor for a fun, colorful touch.  

Or, we can do them in black and white to make them a bit more modern and classy (did you ever think you’d read the words “corn hole” and “classy” in the same sentence?).  The sky’s the limit when decking out your corn hole boards.  

Black and white custom cornhole boards for a wedding


Drinks are the life of the party at weddings! From champagne bubbles to signature cocktails, these liquid wonders can unleash wild dance moves, spark heartfelt conversations, and ensure your guests have an unforgettable time. We showcase bar signs frequently, but there are other great ways to put a custom touch on the drinks your guests enjoy!

Capri Sun Pouches

I love a monogram, but putting it on everything can be overkill.  Capri sun pouches can be a great place to mix it up.  One couple put their pet illustration on their pouches and labeled them “Pongo Pouches” after their dog, Pongo.  

Drink pouches customized with pet illustrations

Drink pouches can be used for seating charts as seen in these two weddings.


Shot Glasses

One couple we worked with used hand-carved Himalayan pink salt shot glasses as their favor.  We customized them with calligraphy of the guests’ names for a special touch! 

Custom himalayan salt shot glasses

Vending Machine

Our vending machine makes a perfect seating chart, with drinks inside with guests’ names and table assignments.  We can even customize the bottles that go inside the machine! 

Custom wedding vending machine for drinks

Drink Stirrers

We usually recommend that drink stirrers are only used for something special, like a signature drink or the guest’s first drink of the night. You don’t have to use them for the whole event.  Stirrers are available in lots of mediums and shapes.  I adore wood stirrers like those from Chelsea and Patrick’s wedding!

Wooden drink stirrers

I also love the special creative touch of these from Jackie and Alex’s wedding.  These acrylic stirrers are shaped like yellow Porsche’s, which was a nod to her late grandmother and the car Jackie drove into her ceremony in.  

Custom acrylic car-shaped drink stirrers


If you want to give your guest a functional keepsake from your wedding, koozies are a perfect choice!  Not only do they keep your guests’ drinks cool and drip-free at the wedding, they’re a reminder of all the fun that was had for years afterward!

Custom Koozies

Food Embellishments 

Any chef will tell you that we eat with our eyes first.  That’s why the little details added to the food served at your wedding can elevate the presentation.  We’ve done custom french fry boxes and flags for sliders.  

Custom fry boxes and slider tags

If you have a dessert bar, acrylic dessert tags are a great way to differentiate types of desserts.  In our experience, pastry chefs and caterers go all out to make beautiful dessert tables, so we design our tags to add to the presentation and not distract.   

Custom acrylic dessert flags

We can also make custom packaging for food favors like these we did for popcorn.  

Snack Boxes

These little snack boxes are super versatile and can be used for everything from empanadas to french fries to petals or leaves for throwing as the bride and groom exit the ceremony. 

Custom leave boxes

Candy boxes are fun, too – we designed the stickers for these boxes by Morgan Hunter.  


Napkins are another special touch that we love to see.  I recommend brides use them only for the signature drink or cocktail hour and order two napkins per guest.  However, if you want to use them all night, I suggest consulting your bar service for advice on quantities.  No matter how many you order, your custom napkins can add a touch of class with gold foil or watercolor or bring a fun and whimsical surprise with a pet illustration.  

Custom wedding napkins

Neon Signs

A neon sign brings an extra special touch that lasts beyond the wedding day.  I love getting tagged in photos of couples’ neon signs we made hanging in the home they share after the wedding.  Your neon sign can feature your new last name, or you can get creative with a quote you love. 

custom neon signs


Photo Booth

If you have a photo booth, consider fully customizable props! Many photo booth companies come with their own standard set of props, but ours bring a more personalized touch.  I usually recommend having at least five props.

Photo booth signs

Reserved Signs

Reserved signs are a way to honor those guests who hold a special place in your lives.  Reserved table signs are helpful for cocktail hour or receptions when seating isn’t assigned.  

Reserved table signs

Reserved seat signs are a simple way to bring your wedding branding into the seating arrangements in the ceremony.  Here you have a few options.  You can reserve entire rows with an end-of-row sign.  If you have a more intricate family dynamic, you can use individual signs to help make seating assignments for family clear, like these we created for Carly’s wedding.  Her reserved seat signs shared specific seating assignments (like “mother of the bride” and “mother of the groom” rather than only indicating that a whole row was reserved and leaving it up to the guest to self-seat.  

Or you can have both, like Taylor did at her wedding!

Sandal Signs

This very functional item can go from blah to wow by branding it for your wedding!  It also helps guests if you sort by size.  

Sandal basket signs


Stickers can go a long way in branding your wedding because they are a great way to brand something you purchased.  You can add them to everything from candy boxes to hand sanitizer to water bottles!

Tote Bags & Tags

If you’re holding a welcome party, making gift bags for your bridal party, or have a hotel room block and want to greet guests with a special treat, custom tote bags are a perfect touch!  A branded tag adds a unique touch to a store-bought bag or basket.  Branded linen bags with a hangover kit inside are also trendy and provide thoughtful gifts to your guests. 

branded totes and bag tags

Love is in the Details

There is no limit to the number of ways you can bring your wedding’s branding into the details of your day.  As many as you can imagine, we can create!  For more ideas from a bride who went all out on the details, check out my blog on Maggie’s wedding.

We’d love to discuss how we can bring your personality, vision, and branding into every detail of the day to make your day unforgettable!  Reach out, and let’s dream together! 

Love, Andi, Tyler & Stella

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