August 11, 2023

My Top 4 Favorite Seating Charts

One element of wedding planning can strike fear into the heart of even the most courageous of brides.  Yep, you guessed it – the seating chart!  Planning a seating chart means choosing how to navigate sometimes very complicated and layered family dynamics, matching people who may not otherwise ever encounter one another, and ensuring that everyone has a great time at their assigned table. It’s quite a feat!  However, the effort is entirely worth it because a well-crafted seating chart never fails to make a huge impact, both on the aesthetic of your wedding and the enjoyment of your guests! 

These carefully crafted pieces reflect your story and style, bringing your wedding’s branding into the space in a big way.  They have a stunning visual effect and help guests quickly locate their assigned seats, reducing confusion and minimizing the time spent searching for a place to sit. They make a guest feel planned for and welcomed.  Seating charts can also serve as a vehicle to provide your guest a welcome drink, thank you note, or favor.  

Today, I’m excited to share my top four favorite seating charts; each brought to life through my thoughtful design and Tyler’s skilled construction (and sometimes a few of our family members, depending on how massive the undertaking).  These charts capture unique narratives and artistic perspectives, proving that beauty is found in the details. And each of them features stunning florals because, without the intentionality of florals, a seating chart can look random, unfinished, and unplanned.  


Maggie and Garrett’s wedding was the perfect fusion of a to-die-for location with gorgeous and unique aesthetics.  Their seating chart structure was a massive 12 feet by 10 feet in size when typically our structures are eight by eight feet.  


Inspired by Portuguese walls dating back to the 13th century, we featured 120 ceramic tiles that served as a favor for each guest, a personalized, hand-calligraphed coaster as a special wedding memento.  Each coaster had cork on the back for  non-slipuse.  

Portuguese tile wedding seating chart

In Portugal, walls like this often say “Casa ____” with the family’s last name, so we incorporated that phrase with the couple’s last name in laser-cut calligraphy. 

Laser cut calligraphy 

No detail was overlooked in this structure, from the textured wall, to the arch-shaped alcove, to the placement outdoors and the geometrical flower box.  



The pink tones of the Ringling Museum in Sarasota were the perfect backdrop for Santana and Slater’s stunner of a seating chart.  They locked in their date with us just five days before the wedding, but we were able to take it on (sometimes we can do last-minute projects if it works for our schedule – just ask!).  Our family chipped in to make this possible, with Tyler’s dad and grandpa helping to build it.  

We started with a basic square structure but then included a not-so-basic heart-shaped inset.  Individual hearts were hung within the inset with each guest’s name and seating assignments.  Originally the hearts were clear glass, but we painted them white and calligraphed in gold.  These were laid atop a hand-written poem, “On Love” by Khalil Gibran. 

When it comes to the AM+Co aesthetic, nothing captures it more than this wedding.  Pink on pink on pink, with hearts, calligraphy, and florals… just wow!  


The margarita is having a bit of a cultural moment this summer, so this seating chart should make my list.  Mona was super fun to work with, and we loved letting our creativity fly with this interactive margarita seating chart!  Mona and Jordan’s wedding was held at the Acre Orlando and was one of our favorites of the whole year!  

When guests rang a bell for “Spicy” or “Skinny,” they were dispensed the corresponding margarita.  Not only that, their two dogs, Jonah and Rosie, sat in front of the structure and greeted guests.  If you want to win me over, bring a dog. 🙂 

I loved the crisp black of this chart, the stripes that brought dimension, the long box full of creamy white florals, the gold accents, and the whimsy of the entire concept.  


When a bride carefully considers the architectural style of the venue and coordinates her color palette accordingly, magical things happen.  Connor and Zach’s wedding is the perfect illustration of this.  Bella Collina served as a romantic Tuscan backdrop for their sage green, black, and taupe wedding. 

The seating chart’s placement was originally planned for an outdoor area, but rain diverted our plan. This turned out to be the best kind of diversion.  The dark stone walls, cobblestone floors, and the moody lighting created a feeling we didn’t anticipate.  It was truly enchanting.  And again, her florals took the seating chart and elevated it far beyond what it would have been without them.  

Each seating chart structure we create is truly a work of art that considers your love story, your vision, your and your fiancee’s personalities, and your wedding’s brand.  Ultimately, the importance of a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing seating chart cannot be overstated. It transcends its practical purpose and embodies your love, your journey, and your commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for your guests. 

Want to dream together and plan a jaw-dropping seating chart structure for your wedding?  Fill out our contact form, and let’s get started!

Andi, Tyler, & Stella

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