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February 14, 2023

Why Choose Custom

Why should you choose custom for your wedding invitations and day-of items?  This is a great question!  With so many ready-made options, templates, and do-it-yourself options online, it is possible to do it all yourself.  Many do. But for the discerning bride, the reasons to choose custom far outweigh the reasons to select ready-made.  Connor and Zach’s wedding at Bella Collina is a picture-perfect example of why custom is the way to go if you want people to remember and talk about your wedding for years to come.  Here are four reasons to choose custom:

1. Choosing custom means consistency.  

By using custom designs throughout your wedding, you can create a cohesive and polished look.  Our creative studio specializes in branded weddings.  Companies like Apple are highly particular about their branding. They specially design each product to reflect a cohesive look from item to item and to evoke the feeling that their product is high-end, modern, and yet simple.  Even their stores look like Apple, with their brand identity reflecting the tables, chairs, and walls.  

sage, taupe, and black custom wedding invitation suite

Similarly, when you choose Andi Mejia + Co Creative Studio for your wedding, we work with you to discover the “brand” of your wedding.  This includes how you want your wedding to look and the feelings you want to evoke in your guests.  Then, we create each item and specially curate each design, so there is one seamless flow.  From the moment your guests receive their invitations, to their arrival at your wedding, to your farewell after it is over, each element they encounter is consistent in color, design, and motif.  

letterpress custom wedding invitations

With Connor and Zach’s wedding, we started with their custom invitation suite to set the tone for their wedding.  We used elegant letterpress printing for the main invitation to elevate the look.  We also incorporated stars, which we pulled into many elements of the invitation and the day-of items.  Even the wax seal, with its milky sage green color, incorporated the stars.

2. Choosing custom means choosing distinction. 

When you choose to work with Andi Mejia + Co for your wedding, you can be sure that your invitations and day-of items are one-of-a-kind.  This adds a sense of exclusivity to your wedding. In addition, because each item is customized, we can experiment with non-standard sizes and shapes.  

Custom shape wedding invitation

For instance, wedding invitations are usually 5” x 7” in size. For Connor’s, we branched out into a new dimension, 9” x 4”, which gave them more of a long, skinny, rectangular shape.  From the start, this unusual size creates an expectation in the guest that they can expect the unexpected with her wedding.  Even the type of string we used to bind the invitations was distinctive. It had a substantial, robust feel.

ball pit sign for weddings

Our custom-branded approach to weddings also allows the bride’s creativity to run wild.  Connor had the idea of having a ball pit at her wedding to add fun and a photo op to create a memory.  We created a sign in her colors that said “Pics or it didn’t happen” for the entrance of the ball pit to help evoke a feeling of playfulness. 

3. Choosing custom means choosing flexibility. 

With an AM+Co branded wedding, you can customize the design, colors, and wording to suit your preferences and style.  Connor chose sage green, black, and taupe as her colors, and we ran with these and incorporated them into every element of her day.  This is a unique color combination, one I had not seen before. If she had tried to piece items together independently, she would have undoubtedly faced many challenges trying to color-match.  

Sage green seating chart

Connor’s venue has stunning, high ceilings and expansive outdoor spaces, so we customized the height of her seating chart by adding three inches to the top to make it higher and trimming two feet from our usual width. Because she was willing to extend a large part of her budget towards florals (by Gather and Grace), it made all the difference in elevating the look of the already stunning seating chart.   Typically, we place names in the alcove of a seating chart like this, but instead, we put the title “Our Favorite People” accompanied by black stars. 

sage green wedding seating chart

On the wedding day, the weather did not cooperate, which required a last-minute move of the seating chart.  However, the new location was even better than Plan A because the sage green contrasted with the cobblestone floor, with the sound of a nearby fountain creating an overall ethereal feeling.  Usually, I would design a seating chart like this to have two tones.  But we went for the same tone this time, and the shadows in the area where we placed the chart created a moody dimension.  

4. Choosing custom means choosing quality. 

At AM+Co, we make custom invitations and day-of items with high-quality materials and close attention to detail.  For Connor’s welcome sign, we created a deeper sail shape than we usually do, which took a trendy silhouette and upgraded it. sage green wedding welcome sign

We created a single-panel black acrylic bar sign for the bar with her signature cocktails in sage and white. I also added the same stars from her envelope liner and her seating chart, carrying the star motif through in little details. 

Black acrylic and sage green bar sign

Connor’s menus and place cards were in that same taupe/chardonnay color with sage green writing and a sage wax seal.  These were perfectly coordinated and very clean.   The place cards were a half-moon shape, which calls back to a shape we included in her invitation suite. Again, we coordinated the place cards to help indicate meal choice. 

Sage, black, and white place cards

When you bring us on your wedding vendor team, we deliver and install our items, ensuring that your presentation is perfect.  We closely examine each item after delivery and touch up the paint on your signage so that every element is crisp and clean.  Quality is important to us, and we treat your wedding as if it’s our own.  

Menus with sage green seals

When planning your wedding, there are many choices to make.  But by far, your greatest and most important choice will be to choose custom.  For a wedding with a high-end feel that makes a lifelong impression, custom offers consistency, distinction, flexibility, and quality you can’t find in an online store or on Etsy.  And our creative studio can help make your wedding dreams come to life for a cohesive, branded, and memorable day.  

Want to dream and work together? Then, fill out our contact form! 

Love, Andi, Tyler & Stella

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