August 24, 2023

Beautiful Beginnings: Your Wedding’s Welcome Sign

Your wedding day marks the beginning of your journey as a married couple and is a celebration of love and union. As a creative studio specializing in crafting custom stationery and day-of items, we at AM+Co understand the importance of setting the tone right from the moment your guests arrive. Welcome signs for weddings are more than just a functional element; they set the stage for a magical day. Let’s delve into the purpose, value, and creative possibilities these charming signs bring to your special day.

Setting the Stage: The Purpose of Welcome Signs

Imagine your wedding day as a theatrical performance, with each detail contributing to the story. A welcome sign is the opening act that guides your guests into the story you’re about to share. Its purpose goes beyond mere direction; it is a heartfelt invitation that says, “You are an integral part of our day.” As your guests approach, they’re greeted with the anticipation of what’s to come, and a well-crafted welcome sign expresses this sentiment flawlessly.

Adding Aesthetic Value

Aesthetics play a pivotal role in weddings. Welcome signs are not just functional pieces; they’re decorative accents that enhance the overall visual appeal of your wedding. Whatever your theme, a thoughtfully designed welcome sign seamlessly integrates into your chosen aesthetic.

Imagine a linen sign adorned with delicate greenery for a garden wedding.  Envision an intricately calligraphed sign reflecting the elegance of a classic affair. Picture a sleek acrylic sign with contemporary typography complementing a modern, sophisticated celebration. Every sign whispers a promise of what’s to come, hinting at what your guests are about to experience.


Exploring Materials and Shapes

The diversity of materials available for crafting welcome signs is a testament to the endless possibilities we can dream up as we plan together. Each material carries its own character and story.  Some of the options we offer are:

  1. Wood: The timeless charm of wood adds warmth and texture to your wedding décor. Wooden welcome signs can be painted and adorned with intricate cutouts or lettering. When left unpainted, the organic feel of wood complements outdoor celebrations and intimate gatherings.

  1. Acrylic: If modern elegance is the feel you’re going for, acrylic signs offer a sleek and contemporary touch. Their clear surface allows various printing and lettering techniques.  Acrylic signs add sophistication to clean and minimalist weddings.


  1. Linen and Fabric: Soft and romantic, fabric welcome signs evoke a sense of nostalgia. Linen banners with hand-painted details infuse a romantic or vintage vibe into your wedding. They allow for movement in the breeze, which creates a dreamy atmosphere.


Beyond materials, the shape of your welcome sign is another dimension of customization. From classic rectangular signs to whimsical shapes like pills, circles, or sails, the form you choose can add to the overall visual impression of your wedding.  

Customizing Your Welcome Sign

Every love story is unique, and your welcome sign provides an opportunity to infuse your personal journey. Incorporate your favorite quotes, significant dates, or shared experiences into the design. Whether it’s a line from the song you first danced to or the coordinates of where you met, these personal touches elevate your welcome sign from a generic greeting to a cherished memory.

One couple created a welcome sign followed by banners sharing significant moments in their relationship that greeted guests as they drove along the winding road that led to the venue.  This was a really special way to greet their guests.

As a first impression, it’s absolutely vital for your welcome sign to incorporate florals.  We require all of our signs to have florals because florals make a welcome sign look intentional instead of like an afterthought.  

Weddings are not just events but stories waiting to be told. Welcome signs are the opening lines of your tale, inviting your loved ones to be part of the magic. With a wide array of materials, shapes, and design possibilities, these signs aren’t just decorations; they’re the first chapter in the book of memories of your new life together. We’d love to dream up something special just for you – reach out to us today!  

Andi, Tyler, & Stella

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