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August 8, 2022

Oh Baby: A Branded Baby Shower

Usually, we showcase our creative work for weddings, but this week we are showing you something different: A baby shower!  This baby shower, held at The Country Club of Orlando and planned by Bella Sposa Events, pulled out all the stops to celebrate a sweet baby boy!

I have always felt like AM+Co is a great match for baby showers since our brand is so whimsical.  I was confident that I could create something pretty for this celebration!  I absolutely love how everything turned out, and I can’t wait to do more baby showers.  I can envision a new division of our business in my mind now ✨AM+Co Baby✨

A Branded Event 

We had three weeks to design and build everything, and this was a completely branded event.  That means we could carry some of the same motifs throughout the day, from signage to paper elements, which gave everything a cohesive, purposeful look.  

The Welcome Sign

Baby Shower Welcome Sign

For their welcome sign, we used the same base used for this Rosemary Beach wedding.  However, we created a squiggle-shaped sign, which I am head-over-heels in love with. It is so clean and whimsical, and it can also be used for weddings.  This is not the last time you will see that squiggle shape at this event. It was fun and challenging to think outside of my normal square or pill-shaped welcome signs and do something unexpected.

Squiggle Baby Shower Welcome Sign

Gather and Grace added the flowers and confettiballoonsfl completed the look with the balloon arch.  

The Seating Chart

Boy's baby shower seating chart

Seating Chart Sketch and Outcome

This seating chart was one of the options I provided to another client for an Indian wedding. However, it did not get selected.  When a client does not select a design I create, it goes onto a board to show future clients so that no idea gets wasted.  I thought this was a beautiful choice for this baby shower, especially with the lip overhang at the top that holds the flowers and baskets.  It was a great way to incorporate the baskets without the seating chart looking too boho.  This shower brought in a few wood elements, including the chairs that the guests sat in, so we brought in wood to our design on the seating chart as well with laser-cut wood stars and laser-cut wood words and numbers.    

Seating chart details shots

The Dance Floor

I haven’t been to many baby showers with a band or dance floor….Well, truthfully, I haven’t been to a single baby shower with one LOL.  But as I said, this one went all out, so we designed a custom wrap for the dance floor.  It had blue and white stripes, along with the same stars as the seating chart.  The band also had a stage cover, and we designed that.  It was a darker, purple-y blue with stars as well.  

The Onesie Vending Machine

Onesie Vending Machine

I was very excited to use our vending machine for this onesie station! (You can read the story behind our vending machine and how it came to be in this blog.) The idea was that people would grab a blank onesie from the vending machine as if they were buying it, then take it to a station in the middle where there was an instructions sign and paint markers.  There they would decorate it for the baby to wear.  After that, they would take it to the drying rack, also made by us.  They would hang it to dry using little clothes pins. The drying rack was from our Jardin collection, customized especially for this event, and I thought it was a cute way to use it!     


Onesie vending machine details

Onesie drying rack

The Kids Zone

Kids Zone

Jen from Bella Sposa created a Kids Zone so that the kids could be entertained while their parents ate and socialized.  She decorated it with a rug, teepees, and small tables and chairs and included crayons, puzzles, and activities. We created a sign to point all of the kids in our direction.  

The Tables

place settings at baby shower

Each place setting held circle menus and place cards with my handwritten calligraphy.  Again you’ll see the squiggle border brought in here. It’s not overload, but it calls back to the original design and makes everything feel cohesive.  

Custom menus and place cards for baby shower

On the tables themselves, we used our pearl table numbers.  Most people might think it is a no-brainer to go with wood table numbers.  However, I wanted to elevate the look and make sure it didn’t go too boho, so we went with pearl and I think it turned out perfect! 

Pearl Table Numbers


Baby shower favors - popcorn boxes with custom labels

Morgan Hunter Desserts prepared a sweet popcorn mix in a square cello box, wrapped with a perfect blue satin ribbon.  A squiggle label we designed was on the front that said “Baby M.”

She also made wrapped cookies as favors for the guests, and we designed the labels for those (not pictured).  

Custom cotton candy bar signage for baby shower

They also had a cotton candy bar, and we designed a fun sign for that (all events should have a cotton candy bar!).

Bar Signage

Baby Shower Custom Bar Signage

This event had not one bar sign but two.  One had the featured drinks in a solid blue, and another echoed the stripes from the dance floor and featured “Momma’s Cocktail” – a refreshing, nonalcoholic option for those who were not imbibing.  🙂 


This baby shower was a really fun change of pace for me!  It was a creative outlet outside of weddings, and I hope to do more of them.  If you’re interested in working together on a baby shower, reach out!  I’d love to bring your baby shower dreams to life and help you welcome your little one into the world! 

Love, Andi, Tyler & Stella

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