Villa Woodbine Wedding

November 12, 2021

Trust: The Key to an Incredible Wedding Day

It started with a squiggle. 

Soraya and Jason brought us on to do their wedding at Villa Woodbine in Miami, and when I sat down to design the invitations I had a fun idea.  What if there was a squiggle along the pocket of the invitation?  Soraya is the kind of bride we love to work with because she gave us free rein to do whatever our little creative hearts desired.  She let us squiggle away, and the outcome of her trust was a dreamy wedding day.  That squiggle became a motif that carried throughout the whole event, one of the tiny details that came together to make their wedding the pink dream it was!

Villa Woodbine Wedding


It’s All About Trust

The wedding planning process isn’t for the faint of heart.  You have a vision for your day and you want things to go perfectly.  You choose vendors that you hope will see your vision, and then pray that after all your months of planning, your vision comes to life on the day of.  That’s why nothing means more to us (or yields more stunning results) than when a client fully trusts us with each part of the design process.  We know what a big step it is to trust someone with your vision, and we come alive when clients take that big step!

Villa Woodbine Wedding

When we onboard new clients, we ask to see their wedding Pinterest board and a mood board.  We want to hear what they envision the ceremony and reception to look like and know what flowers they like. All of this information is part of the launchpad for our creative process.  The most amazing weddings we do – the ones you see on our Instagram or Tik Tok that inspire a “wow” – are ones where our brides give us the latitude to think outside the box.  

Villa Woodbine Wedding

Unique to You

AM+Co is a creative studio, we do our best work when our clients trust us to do what do – create!  We take your inspo and use it as a springboard for your custom design so that your wedding doesn’t look like anyone else’s.  We want your day to be so stunning and unique that it becomes the inspo pic that other brides pin on Pinterest or bring to their wedding planner!  

But it all starts with that scary five-letter word in love & life: trust.  

The Details!

Soraya and Justin’s trust meant the world to us, and their wedding exceeded our expectations.  Expertly planned by Cali Curated, every detail was perfectly executed in this branded wedding.  The Miami weather was fantastic, and Villa Woodbine provided a stunning Mediterranean-style backdrop for this couple’s celebration.  One especially touching part of this wedding was the linen memorial sign for the bride’s father.  This honored his memory in a poignant way.  The quote. “We see you in every sunrise, sunset, and within all the stars,” tied in our star motif so perfectly.  You’ll see tiny stars sprinkled throughout our designs for this day as a nod to this memorial.Villa Woodbine Wedding

This wedding is the last one where we will use this seating chart design, as it is being permanently retired.  It went out with a bang, perfectly complemented with to-die-for florals by Sam’s Blooms.

Villa Woodbine Wedding

This wedding took place during our biggest weekend in the history of AM+Co.  We call it our legendary “Eleven Wedding Weekend” and it was a feat of coordination.  These sleek layered menus had handmade tassels and were custom cut by a friend of ours (thanks Diana!).

Soraya provided flip-flops for her guests so they could dance the night away comfortably.  These custom heart shapes with the sandal sizes were perfect.  We also loved doing custom signs to add some fun to their photo booth!

The groom’s family owns a bakery called Buenos Aires Bakery.  They ordered 700 empanadas to fill our custom empanada boxes.  Can you even with the squiggle?!

You know it’s a good wedding when it gets Stella’s seal of approval!  We wish the Morozowskis the most beautiful future together!

Villa Woodbine Wedding

We love creating branded weddings with couples who trust us to bring their vision to life! If you’re interested in talking about how we can help design signage, invitations, and paper goods for your wedding, fill out our contact form so we can find out more!

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