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September 15, 2022

3 Things We Want Our Clients to Know

It’s wedding season, and many of you are beginning the wedding planning process (or maybe in the thick of it!).  You might be sorting through your Pinterest boards, going through screenshots you’ve had on your phone forever, scrolling Instagram for looks you love, meeting with your vendors (so many meetings!!), searching for vendors who speak to your aesthetic… There’s so much – and that’s just the beginning!  


Andi working

Here at Andi Mejia + Co Creative Studio, we want you to know three things about how we do business regarding wedding stationery and day-of items.  The planning process is complex enough, so we’re laying our cards on the table so there’s no guesswork on what the AM+Co experience is all about!  

1. What’s done in love is done well.  

This is an adage that guides our life and business.  It’s on the neon sign that has followed us from our home into our new studio, it’s on the merch we make, and it’s a core value of our team. So when we say we do our work with love, these are not empty words – it’s true!  And because we put so much love into each wedding we work on, we believe that the work should be done with excellence.  

What's done in love is done well

However, doing things well takes time.  That’s why we encourage you to reach out as soon as you have a date and a venue.  We book up quickly, and it takes time to deliver excellence!

Doing things well also means that on delivery day, we’re going to be as picky about execution as we would be if it were our wedding.  That’s why we deliver and install our items and won’t trust that part of the process to anyone else.  We do quite a bit of assembly on-site to ensure perfection. We touch-up paint issues, help with floral placement and ensure that you love the finished look.  


2. Your custom-branded wedding is just that – customized to you.  

Before design school and starting my business, I was an artist and will always be an artist at heart.  Everything I’ve done in my career has come from a deep love for art and the desire to push myself creatively. AM+Co is not a template shop, and we don’t press Copy + Paste on designs we have done a hundred items before just to check off another wedding. There are a lot of businesses that offer that, and there’s nothing wrong with it!  If that’s what you are looking for, you won’t have a hard time finding it.  It’s just not what we offer when we talk about branded weddings.  

Your branded wedding is designed in the AM+Co aesthetic and customized to you.  With a branded wedding, we create EVERYTHING – all of the stationery, signage, and day-of elements so that each piece coordinates perfectly for one seamless look.  We carry the same motifs, shapes, and colors through in the slightest ways so that there’s overall harmony in the look for the day.  This is an offering for the upscale client who doesn’t want to spend hours piecing items together from different sources and making sure they all match, but would rather have our studio create and produce original items to ensure perfect execution.  

Branded Wedding stuff

We’ll have a consultation where I listen to your ideas and take in your creative vision.  Then, you’ll trust our expertise and eye, and our studio will create!  We work with your planner to deliver and set up. On your wedding day, you’ll have a unique, show-stopping, swoon-worthy (and instagrammable) day, from beginning to end!  

[If you’re looking for a more affordable option for invitations, we do offer semi-custom invitation suites, which you can find out more about here!]


3. This is more than a job to us, it’s our passion.  

We love our life and feel supremely privileged to do what we love every. single. day.  We’ve only been full-time in this work for a few years now, and we wake up so thankful every day!  It hasn’t been easy.  It has required a lot of sweat, countless late nights, and pretty much every weekend, but it has been entirely worth it to create a life we love.  


We believe work should be fun and try not to take ourselves too seriously.  We love giving you an inside look at our process through our Instagram stories and TikTok.  You may even see a sneak peek of your invitation suite or day of items on Instagram as we work in real-time on your wedding!  

We also love sharing a healthy dose of Stella content (we know you’re really here for Stella🐾, we all are).  She’s our shipping manager (sniffs and ships every package) office guard dog/UPS greeter/assistant/ice cube addict/nap taker/office hottie, and we can’t/won’t/don’t do much without taking her along for the ride.  


If, after reading this, it seems like your values align with ours, we would love to help you with your wedding stationery, signage, and day of items.  We want you to look back on your wedding day and smile at how beautiful and perfect it was!  

Let’s work together!  Reach out to us by filling out our contact form here.  

Love, Andi, Tyler & Stella

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