April 3, 2020

Dream Boho wedding At Playa Largo Resort | Playa Largo, Florida wedding

Today, We are remembering the last wedding we had before COVID-19 took over and social distancing started. This was the end of 9 weddings in the span of 15 days. WILD.  We drove down to Key Largo, Florida , a good 5 hours away and the first wedding we’ve done that wasn’t so close to home. The furthest we’ve gone is 2 hours and 5 was a scary think to think about. I’m (Andi) a chicken when it comes to driving, and the thought of driving with a trailer was TERRIFYING. To say we were exhausted was an understatement, but we found ourselves so thankful and in literal tears in the middle of setting this wedding up for multiple reasons.

One of them is that for most of the time, Tyler and I work separated. He’s usually outside building something, staining, cutting, painting, making 60935 trips to the hardware store, or simply sitting trying to come up with solutions on how to build something. I, on the other side, am on the phone doing client calls, designing, laser cutting things, painting, sending proofs, and ordering all materials for the weekends wedding, and assembling invitations on top of it all.

There is always a moment when we are setting up something new that we both look at each other and think to ourselves… “is this going to work?”, fear takes over and all of a sudden we forget of the hard work we have both placed all week to make it all happen. It wasn’t until our new rental, the shot glass wall was assembled that we both were able to breathe.

Two: for the most part during those last 2 crazy weeks of weddings, we truly didn’t have a chance to think. We didn’t have a chance to be grateful , or to realize how blessed we are to do what we do.  Truly, it is a dream come true to see it all come together.

Here are some images from the weekend, I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the challenge.

A special thanks to our couple for trusting us, and to Rachel form AATR weddings, for bringing us on for this wedding. Working with you is more than easy, it’s fun!


This sign was used as a flip flop station sign, and then flipped and worked as a dance floor rules sign 🙂

A new way to do program signs, linen on chairs. thanks for the idea Rachel!


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