Our Infinity wall, as we like to call it, is the wall of endless possibilities. it's a show stopper, and works perfect for large parties. 

We can do anything and everything on this wall, so let's dream up something new and fun!

* this structure requires lots of florals
 for an extra love touch!

infinity wall

let's do something different!

let's chat about your ideas!



LINEN wood banner STAND

copper stands

come in 3 sizes and 3 accent colors
* linen sold separate

3 available \ acrylic is separate cost

3 available
* linen sold separate

greenery welcome sign

black easels

gold table top acrylic 

gold easels

2 available

2 available

3 available * acrylic is sold separate

a frame

white or black | sign can be any color

white box stand


7 large | 4 small available


LINEN table nO.

copper TABLE NO.

26 available

18 available

10 available

driftwood base

 11 available | custom design

23 available

sail table no

black and gold TABLE NO.


reserve your rentals


 15 available 

gold geo frames

*we do not sell custom rentals or rent items to be accompanied by DIY calligraphy or another calligraphers work


14 available

stone table no.

19 available

Rentals are items owned by AM + Co to be accompanied by AM + Co calligraphy services only.
Rentals are not shippable. Items are meant to be used as signage.
PRO TIP:  florals always add an extra touch of intentionality to our rentals ;)