Boho seating chart

March 8, 2023

A Day-Of Delight: The Moreno Wedding

We interrupt our trending modern color scheme of black, white, and chardonnay to bring you a colorful bohemian wedding!  Boho weddings had a big moment, but I haven’t seen too many come across our project list lately.  This was a fun departure from what we’ve been working on… and when it involves pink, you know I’m in! 🙂 

Amanda brought us on her vendor team to create the day-of items for her February wedding at Living Sculpture Sanctuary in Davie, FL.  This beautiful venue is lush with plants, century-old oak trees, waterfalls, ponds, and waterfalls.  The natural and boho-inspired vision for her day fit this venue well!  The earthy tones in her color palette paired beautifully with her outdoor venue.  

Choosing The Right Day-Of Items

At AM+Co Creative Studio, we specialize in tailoring our day-of items to your specific vision.  While the list of day-of options is genuinely limitless (you can see our day-of shopping list here to get an idea of how vast the selections are), choosing the correct day-of items so that you maximize the opportunity to wow your guests on your special day is super important! Amanda did this well, in my opinion.  All the pieces she chose added perfect touches for a finished and breathtaking guest experience.  

hydration station sign

A Layered Effect

We also did a dual, layered welcome sign for the ceremony itself. I love how they customized this to replace a paper program.  One piece said “At Last, The Morenos” and then the right side had a short story of how they met with special dates in their love story. The bottom of the welcome sign held a schedule for the day’s events.  I absolutely LOVE paper (I’m a stationer – it’s in the job description!) but this is an innovative and sustainable way to provide information to guests that would typically be on a paper program.

Layered welcome sign for wedding

Boho Seating Chart

Boho seating chart - vision and reality

The seating chart was an eight-by-eight wall, with an overhang that held basket details.  We sprinkled stars across the seating chart and used a pill shape for the table assignments for a rounded, natural look.  Originally I sketched the florals at the top of the seating chart,  but on the day of it needed to be changed.  I think the florals work really well at the bottom.  I had also planned to put the pill shapes with names in a diagonal pattern, but when it came time to lay them out, this arrangement took up too much space, so we pivoted to a slightly different arrangement.  

Bohemian seating chart details

Bohemian seating chart

A Cane Reaction

One of my favorite features of this wedding’s signage was the cane webbing that we incorporated on the bar sign and buffet sign. I love, love, love, love the aesthetic of the cane webbing.  The signs with cane webbing added texture which really made them pop.  The names of the signature drinks on their bar sign is a humorous nod to their careers (they are anesthesiologists) –  who wouldn’t want to order “The Induction” or “Giggle Juice?” 

Rattan bar & food signs

Memorial Sign

There are many ways to remember family members who are no longer with us on the wedding day.  One way is through our viral memorial linen that saves a seat for the missing loved one.  Another way is through a sign we created that marked a candle that was lit in memory of the groom’s mother.  These little gestures help honor the people who have made a significant impact in our life and say, “We remember you, we miss you, and we wish you could be here today to see us so happy.”

Memorial candle sign for wedding

The Debut of Our Frosted Acrylic Table Numbers 

We created a new set of table numbers that are frosted acrylic and this was the first wedding we were able to use them.  These are a part of our rental collection, which is only available for weddings where we deliver.  The acrylic paired well with the napkin rings on the tables, bringing a bit of a modern edge to this free-spirited theme.

frosted acrylic table numbers

Functional + Fancy Cocktail Napkins

Custom cocktail napkins are a great way to take something functional that everyone will use and add branding to match your wedding.  They show your guests that you went an extra step to roll out the red carpet for them.  I love the personal touch these add to their wedding.  

Gold foil cocktail napkins

We designed custom cocktail napkins, which were a lovely off-white color with gold foil.  The center said “Meet the Morenos” and was encircled by the wedding date and “The Morenos For Better or Nurse” (they’re anesthesiologists). 

Dreamy Menus

The menus were a chardonnay color with terra cotta place cards that I calligraphed with the guests’ names. A smattering of stars was the perfect final touch.  When layered over a rattan charger, these menus brought the boho feel into the table settings.  

Boho menus


We love creating day-of items that capture your vision and bring your wedding dreams to fruition!  Download our free day-of items list to find out more about the possibilities, and then reach out to us to talk about how we can help you!

Love, Andi, Tyler & Stella


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