Black and white champagne wall

May 31, 2022

A Sentimental Seating Chart

 Sanschy + Jehu’s wedding at Luxmore Grande Estate has a special place in my heart because their seating chart-champagne wall combo was inspired by the seating chart we created for our own wedding.  Wayyyy back in 2018, Tyler and I were planning our wedding.  He wasn’t yet an official part of the AM+Co team, and at that time, my little company hadn’t entered the world of wedding signage structures. As we dreamed about our wedding, we knew we wanted a seating chart that represented something significant for us, so Tyler and his grandpa built a large wall and mounted shelves on it, and then we placed glasshouses on the shelves with each guest’s seating assignment handwritten on the glass.

Andi + Tyler's seating chart

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Every house represented a special place in our lives, like our childhood homes, my college dorm, and the first home we bought together.  It was so sentimental and meaningful to us!  This project was the beginning of my love for all things HUGE signage, and so much of what you see in our work today began with that first project.  Looking back at our seating chart now, I realize we could have done so many more things with it, but it was the beginning of something really special for us!  

Black and white wedding champagne wall with glass houses

A Sentimental Journey

Sanschy was inspired by a photo online of our wedding and wanted to use the glasshouses in hers.  When we retrieved them out of storage, I got a little emotional because they still had our friends’ and family members’ names on them from our wedding!  Along with a seating chart, she wanted to incorporate a champagne wall to greet her guests.  She was a bit worried that the wall would be overcrowded, but by re-orienting the houses and hanging them vertically, we made it all fit perfectly.  It was really cool how an idea we had four years ago evolved into this beautiful, massive, and modern structure! 

Glasshouses seating chart My Redemption!

Atop their structure was the quote, “Home is wherever I’m with you.”  Funny story – I love that quote and wanted it on our wedding seating chart, too.  The night before our wedding when I was painting ours, it was 10 minutes before our rehearsal dinner, I was so tired and a little distracted, so “Wherever you are is home” is what came out of my hand!  Same concept (and it still looked cute) but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I was a little mad that I didn’t pay closer attention, so, doing this seating chart was very redeeming for me! 😉

Champagne wall for wedding that says "Home is wherever I'm with you"

Florals by Baughaus Florist

Modern Table N

Sanschy and Jehu’s wedding was modern and classic in black and white, so this was the perfect time for our new sail-shaped black and pearl table numbers to make their first appearance. They have serif lowercase numbering, clean lines, and are extra chubby. They are a new addition to our rental collection (available for local delivery only, we do not ship rentals).    

Sail-shaped black and white table numbers for wedding

An Unexpected Color Choice

Let’s talk menus!  Their menus were beautifully arch-shaped and included a clean, serif monogram.  We layered a sail-shaped place card atop each menu in a pretty chardonnay color. Black and white is classic, but adding this unexpected taupe to it elevated it.  I absolutely love the color combination!  

Arch-shaped modern menus

Audio Guest Book Sign

We are seeing a trend in guest books that we love – the audio guest book!  Instead of a regular guestbook where people write their names and a message, an audio guest book uses a vintage phone to allow your guests to leave a message via audio recording.  At the end of your event, you have a recording of special messages from all your guests.  Some companies will even put them on a vinyl record for you!  We are happy to announce that our audio guest book sign that says “You’ve Reached the (insert last name), Leave a Message” is now available for purchase in our shop [LINKED HERE]!  The sign is customizable with the bride and groom’s last name, in a selection of color options.  

Audio Wedding Guest Book Signage

Contrasting Edges

Their welcome sign had contrasting edges, with a soft line on the black side and a sharp line on the pearl-colored side. Welcome signs can be incredibly versatile, as evidenced by how we incorporated directional signage into this one.  The “Ceremony” directional portion has a squiggle, which I’m obsessed with, because it contrasts so uniquely with the lines on the rest of the sign. 

Welcome sign for wedding with contrasting edges

We had prepared to place another directional portion to point to Cocktail Hour.  However, on the day of the wedding, the location for the cocktail hour changed due to unforeseen circumstances.  Plans change quickly with weddings and we need to be fluid.  This is why we don’t glue anything down until we arrive for setup.  If we would have made the directional portions permanent, the entire sign would have been irrelevant!  This is one of the benefits of working with a professional stationer. On the day of your wedding, we interface with your coordinator to make last-minute adjustments and changes as needed.  That way, your wedding is still flawless and guests are never the wiser of any changes!

Clean and Classic Bar Menu

Their bar sign was one of my favorites!  We layered two halves – one rectangle and one sail-shaped, which calls back to their menus and table numbers.  Engraved with black and white, it was similar to the table numbers in thickness and heft.  The left side had the full bar menu, and the right side had their signature drinks. Paired with the flowers, it was *chef’s kiss*.

Black and white modern bar signage for wedding

Seeing this all come together in the end was both nostalgic and exciting.  I love how creativity evolves over time.  Seeing my wedding seating chart morph into Sanschy’s seating chart structure and champagne wall was so gratifying!  


If you have an idea, we’d love to work with you to see it come to life!  Reach out and let’s talk about how we can work together on your wedding! 

Love, Andi, Tyler & Stella

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