April 20, 2022

A Branded Boho Wedding at Sea

Ingrid and Kevin celebrated their love on the Yacht Starship in Clearwater, which was AM+Co’s first wedding at sea!  This wedding was an adventure for us and we were happy to work with this beautiful couple to bring their wedding dreams to life.  They brought us on at the very beginning of their planning process, so we were able to brand the entire wedding, starting with their invitations.  Flower stars were the main motif, which we carried into every part of our creations for their branded boho wedding, from stationery to day-of items to signage.  

Branded boho wedding invitations


For the invitations, we leaned into the eclectic and free-spirited bohemian feel by avoiding hard angles and incorporating arches, rounded edges, squiggles, and curves into the invitations.  Her deep terra cotta, pale pink, and cream invitations were perfectly tied with a camel-colored leather cord and rose gold foiled monogram embellishment.

branded boho wedding invitations


Planning for a wedding is all about troubleshooting.  In fact, that is one of the biggest reasons to invest your wedding budget in a professional planner and experienced vendors.  A professional can anticipate the potential issues and see where the problems might lie.  A skilled professional will have a Plan A, a Plan B, and about 15 additional plans in the back of their mind to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.  And trust me – we’ve seen it all!  What’s that quote – “Even the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry?”  


There’s no way to account for every single variable that could possibly derail the plan, but a professional is both prepared for all the things they can possibly think can happen, and also great at thinking quickly on their feet to solve the unexpected problems that come up. And the BEST vendors will have problem-solved a hundred times during your wedding day and you’re none the wiser, leaving you to enjoy your day without even realizing that some things didn’t go according to the original plan.  

Boho wedding welcome sign

The Walkthrough

Because this was our first event at this venue (and our first event on a yacht), we did a walkthrough with the bride and planner beforehand to see the spaces that we would be working with. This was a unique situation because the venue imposed size restraints on signage and structures on and around the yacht for safety purposes.  In the walkthrough, we measured for two possible placements of the seating chart.  Plan A was to place it on the outside deck to greet the guests as they boarded the ship, and Plan B was to place it inside the yacht.  

We are really thankful that we measured and planned for both potential placements, because the day of the wedding was extremely windy which prohibited outside placement.  We had already designed and sized the structure with the potential of indoor placement in mind, so the last-minute adjustment to Plan B went off without a hitch!   

boho wedding menu

The Seating Chart 

The couple wanted to incorporate a favor for each guest into their seating chart, so we settled on engraved acrylic keychains in their wedding colors.  The keychains were made and engraved with gold completely in-house by our AM+Co team, with a small handmade tassel added to complete the boho vibe.  They wanted to incorporate Spanish into some of the signage, which was a nod to their Latin culture.  You can see that in the seating chart: “The Key to Your Seat Esta Aqui,” and the welcome sign, “Bienvenidos to Our Wedding.”   

branded boho wedding seating chart with keychain favors

The Signage

We carried the curves, arches, and squiggle shapes from the invitation into the signage.  The bar signage looked similar to the invitations, with a semi-arch and the starflower shape incorporated.   We also worked a semi-arch into their seating chart and welcome sign. Every piece of signage looked intentional and purposefully designed to bring the overall theme forward.  branded boho bar signage

Flowers: The Ultimate Gamechanger

I talk about flowers a lot but it’s only because I believe they have the power to take a sign or structure from bland to breathtaking.  We pour our heart and soul into designing and building beautiful seating charts, welcome signs, and every other type of sign you can imagine; however, without flowers, they just don’t reach their full potential.  When we had to move Ingrid and Kevin’s seating chart inside, it could have fallen flat due to the indoor placement.  But because they went all-out with flowers, the finished project was an absolute show-stopper.  

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If you’re planning a wedding, whether on land or at sea, we’d love to help you create a branded wedding experience!  And if you’re getting married in a location that’s out of the ordinary, we’ve got you covered!  We will work with your venue to meet their specifications for signage and structures.  We love a challenge, so fill out our contact form and let’s chat!

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